The bulk cargo includes building materials: sand, gravel, gravel, soil, building stone, asphalt chips, etc.

Transportation of bulk cargo is carried out on self-unloading trucks (dump trucks). Cars of this type are widely used in road, construction works, as well as in industry and agriculture.

The use of dump trucks in the agricultural sector is associated with the transportation of products of field crops: wheat, rye and other grains. In this case, the body of the truck must be equipped properly, it is also necessary to monitor compliance with sanitary standards.

Another common function of dump truck is participation in snow removal. The organization of such transport work is relevant for regions where there are long winters with high rainfall.

The company "Samotrans" Ltd has a modern road trucks for transportation of bulk cargo: this DAF tractor FT XF 105.460 with semi-trailers Schmitz SKI24. The cars are driven by experienced drivers who are ready to cope with any, including non-standard traffic situation. We will provide transportation of cargo with a total weight of up to 32 tons in the shortest possible time. The distance traveled is controlled by GPS navigation